Recently the current cohort of Animal Care learners working in hound care had the fantastic opportunity of being taken to Beaufort’s kennels at Badminton. The Duke of Beaufort’s is one of the country’s oldest and most famous hunt kennels, and some of their hounds’ pedigrees can be traced back 150 generations. They were shown around by Matt Ramsden MFH and Nick Hopkins, the Beaufort’s Kennel Huntsman, before being given a fascinating talk on hound confirmation, breeding and showing. Finally, they had an enjoyable chance to apply their new knowledge by ‘judging’ some of the Beaufort hounds in a private show.

Picture 1 – Left: Matt Ramsden, Laura Swann, Bailey Board, Harry Griffin.

Picture 2 – Right: Matt Ramsden (Joint Master and Huntsman of the Beaufort), Nick Hopkins, Laura Swann, Bailey Board, Harry Griffin. The hound is a 2019 bitch hound called ‘Bedtime’!

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