Duration: minimum of 12 months

Level 2 is the starting point for a career working with animals in a range of environments such as zoo’s, kennels, catteries, pet retail outlets and dog grooming parlours.

The role of an apprentice includes:

  • Promoting the health and well-being of animals in your care.
  • Delivering basic treatment to animals within the workplace.
  • Maintaining the animals’ accommodation and preparing their feed.
  • Learning to safely control and restrain the animals you are working with


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  • Maths and English

    Essential Skills in Communication and Application of Number are a mandatory part of apprenticeship programmes in Wales.

    Essential Skills are taken at Level 1 and at Level 2, dependant on your prior achievement in these areas; Level 1 is taken as a mandatory part of the Level 2 apprenticeship programme and Level 2 is undertaken as part of the Level 3 apprenticeship programme unless you have already achieved these levels or equivalents previously.

    Within both of these essential skills, there is a control task and a confirmatory test.  The control task is a controlled assessment undertaken in exam conditions in short periods of time across an 8-week time frame.  The confirmatory test is a multiple-choice paper of 30 questions.  You will be fully prepared for both elements by your Trainer-Coach.

  • Entry requirements, eligibility and employment

    Entry requirements and eligibility

    • Not to have achieved a Foundation or Degree, NVQ 4 or higher.
    • Not be in full time Education; School, College, University or on another Apprenticeship.
    • There is no upper age limit, however if you are aged above 20 years old you must have been within your current role no longer than 12 months.



    In order to undertake the apprenticeship, you will have to –

    • You must be employed by the employer (not self-employed)
    • You will be given a contract of employment – this should include: holiday allowance, wages, etc. – remember to check that you are paid in accordance with the government’s minimum wage
    • You need to be working at least 16 hours per week, with a maximum of 38 for anyone under 18 years old and a maximum of 48 hours for anyone over 18 years old.


  • Teaching, learning and assessment

    You will be regularly assessed in the workplace by your Trainer- Coaches with testimonies from your Employer/Trainer. Case studies, pictures/videos and some written assignments/workbooks may also be used by your Assessor to check your knowledge and understanding.

  • What are the next steps in your career ?

    The next step is to complete a Level 3 Apprenticeship either with your current employer or with a new employer.

    If you want to move across into a different discipline or into Racehorse Care our Recruitment team can help you apply for apprenticeship vacancies we already have.

    The equine industry is vast. In your career with horses, there’ll be scope to move up the ladder, across disciplines and it can even take you abroad.

    Take a look at our Animal Care Career Path!

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There are eight pathways you can take depending on the type of employer you start an apprenticeship with. You’ll need to demonstrate the required knowledge and skills at each level to complete the one you choose.

  • Animal Care & Welfare
  • Zoos/Wildlife Establishments
  • Pet Care & Retail
  • Dog Grooming
  • Animal Welfare Enforcement
  • Animal Training
  • Dog/Animal Wardens
  • Animals in Education and Entertainment