Glapthorn Manor Stables

Katie Wilkinson is the proud owner of Glapthorn Manor Stables, a small, private teaching and livery yard, specialising in teaching children to ride on their well-educated ponies.  They are relatively new to apprenticeships, having taken on their first apprentice, Jenny Hood, four months ago.

We caught up with Katie and Jenny to find out how they were finding the apprenticeship journey and what they were enjoying most about working together.

Katie explains her thoughts,

“In truth, at this particular point in time, particularly with the ongoing pandemic, I wouldn’t have normally chosen to employ an apprentice, but I was approached by Jenny who I already taught and so agreed to help. I was aware before we began that as an employer you need to be prepared to set aside time for training and education to really invest in their future.

I had the choice between two providers for training Jenny, but the employer satisfaction and student satisfaction rates were considerably higher with Haddon Training than the other provider I was considering. I have been very happy with my choice, including the quality staff and the quality of support we are receiving.

Having an apprentice has allowed me to have an extra pair of hands and it is very useful to have someone to assist me whilst I am teaching. I am also gaining a lot of satisfaction from seeing her becoming a competent groom and rider. Working with horses is ‘hands on’ and the best way to gain knowledge is through the experience. The apprenticeship offers theory alongside the practical work, enabling the apprentice to have the best of both worlds and it is great to see Jenny’s progression.”

Jenny also loves the opportunity to work as an apprentice and says,

“I chose an apprenticeship with horses because I enjoy working outside with horses and wanted to widen my knowledge and experience in this field. I also wanted to do more practical learning rather than being in a classroom or office. I had heard of Haddon Training too because they had been recommended by other people as being one of the best providers for equine training.

I am enjoying my apprenticeship a lot; I like getting a more in-depth knowledge of all aspects of equine management and love the practical parts of the course. During the week I get the ponies ready for their lessons and help children learn to ride and care for horses, I also carry out everyday yard jobs such as mucking out and feeding the horses. My employer Katie supports me by offering help and advice to me when needed, and she trusts me to handle different types of tasks on the yard as well as supporting me with exams and assessments.

As well as the practical aspects that I am learning with the horses, I have also learnt how important clear communication is and how increased knowledge helps to build my confidence. My Trainer-Coach supports me by giving me constructive feedback on my work and always provides me with clear information and resources for my modules, which is helping me grow in confidence too.

The best part of the apprenticeship is being outdoors and working with the horses and I am really glad I chose this route to continue my learning.”

Our thanks go to Katie and Jenny for sharing their journey so far and we can’t wait to catch up with them again to see how they are progressing and thriving in the future!

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