Judy Harvey

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2021, we wanted to speak with one of our most renowned employers and a true advocate of apprenticeships, Judy Harvey Equestrian, to find out her thoughts on how apprentices are helping to build the future for the equine industry.

Judy is an extremely well respected and admired international dressage rider and trainer and has trained and supported many excellent equestrians from the beginning of their careers, including Charlotte Dujardin.

“I have worked with Haddon Training for many years and we have confidence in each other and in the apprenticeship programmes our learners work towards. For me, there is no substitute for the knowledge that hands-on, practical learning brings. Especially when working with horses. Speed and efficiency around the yard, confident handling of competition horses, good relationships with clients, and having a strong sense of responsibility are life skills that are only imprinted through experience.

It is important to remember that not every apprentice can become a top class rider, not every apprentice can turn a horse out immaculately, not every apprentice can manage client relations, and not every apprentice will diligently sit up all night monitoring a sick horse. In my business, it is a case of finding the skill set of the individual. All equine apprentices have a place in the industry.

Taking an apprenticeship provides the learner with true credibility in the equine world and ensures there is structure in place for both the learner and the employer. The learner benefits greatly from learning the correct skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to progress in the industry. We also benefit a great deal from employing apprentices; having a workforce that feels valued and has pride in its work with good prospects for the future ensures the arrangement is mutually beneficial and ensures that good standards are maintained.

I really enjoy watching apprentices develop into people who take pride in their knowledge and work, and become valuable members of the equestrian community. For me the most important lessons for them to learn is teamwork, timekeeping, safety and to have fun and keep enjoying what they do.

I would encourage any employer considering hiring an apprentice to go for it; listen to the advice of Haddon Training as leaders in the equestrian industry for providing this type of training, and follow the rules put in place to ensure there is clear structure for everyone.  By encouraging more young people into the industry we are all helping build a bright future for equestrians in the UK.”

We would like to thank Judy for taking the time to speak about apprenticeships with us and tomorrow we will be talking to one of her current apprentices, Emilia Bishop, to find out what taking an apprentice means to her.

If you would like to find out more about apprenticeships or how to start your career simply contact our friendly team today.