We caught up with former apprentice, Faith Huxtable, who is celebrating success in passing her apprenticeship.
We are proud to celebrate the achievements of our learners.
Our Certificates of Recognition reward our learners for working hard to achieve their apprenticeships and often going above and beyond what is required.
Faith Huxtable recently completed her level 2 equine groom apprenticeship at Devon Equine Hydrotherapy Spa and has been awarded a Certificate of Recognition for being a loyal and hardworking member of the team. We caught up with Faith and her employer, Izzie Goble, to gain their perspective.


Faith says, “I have always wanted to work with horses and knew that doing an apprenticeship would give me a more realistic, hands-on experience in the equine industry. At Devon Equine Hydrotherapy Spa, we work with horses who have suffered injuries and are now ready to begin their rehab programme.

The best part about my apprenticeship was being able to work with a variety of different horses in different disciplines, with different issues or injuries. My employer has been extremely supportive and is always encouraging me to expand my learning and experiences.

I’m excited to progress onto the level 3 senior equine groom apprenticeship.”


Izzie added, “Devon Equine Hydrotherapy Spa is dedicated to rehabilitation and performance support for all equine athletes. The mental well being of horses in our care is our priority and we are privileged to work with talented professionals to reach those goals.

I am passionate about promoting good horsemanship and providing opportunities for those who are truly dedicated to learn in the real world. It’s much better to learn on the job and it’s enjoyable to watch our apprentices gain confidence in new skills and recognise that they are capable of things they never thought possible.

Faith came from a small riding school background. She is a quiet learner, so it was fantastic to watch her communicate her knowledge to an examiner to gain her level 2 equine groom qualification.  Faith has blossomed into an exceptionally valuable member of the team and communicates confidently with our customers. Above all, she is developing into a true horsewoman who is quick to observe each horse’s behaviour and understand the environment and handling they will require.  Her natural, calm demeanour and affinity for the horses in our care means that she forms strong bonds with each horse that visits and she is able to give them the best possible care.

Working with Haddon Training has been effortless. Someone is always on hand to answer any questions and the learning process of the learner is the main priority.

I am really looking forward to supporting Faith through her next chapter – level 3 senior equine groom.”


Faith has been supported by her Trainer Coach, Heather Brannan, who added, “In the time I have supported Faith, she has shown herself to be a loyal, hardworking member of staff while still finding the time to put effort and thought into her apprenticeship. I have seen her grow in confidence with her skills socially as well as vocationally and am proud of her result!”

Well done Faith!

If you are inspired to award your learner a Certificate of Recognition, please speak to your Trainer Coach or contact us here.

We look forward to issuing more Certificates of Recognition throughout the year, with regular updates on how our learners are making a difference to their lives or that of those around them!