Exploring the education and conservation work of Amazon World Zoo Park and our animal care and welfare apprentices based there.

Our animal care apprentices all cover a range of topics during their time on programme, including animal biology, animal diets and animal training.  These subjects not only relate to their individual workplace, but they also equip our apprentices with wider animal care knowledge, giving them a versatile understanding of the animal care sector and a foundation for their future careers.

We are very proud to support apprentices employed at Amazon World Zoo Park as they learn what is needed to look after a wide range of species with a variety of needs.

Amazon World, based on the Isle of Wight, is more than a zoo; it is a centre for education and conservation.  Their participation in international breeding schemes helps to safeguard the future of some of the rarest animals in the world, including the Tamandua Anteater who was successfully bred by their team.

Our experienced Trainer Coach, Grace Goddard, is on hand to support the apprentices at Amazon World with her knowledge and numerous years of experience within the zoo sector. Her vast skills benefit the learners at Amazon World who gain specific workplace knowledge that will benefit their careers within the zoo industry.  Grace also checks the skills her apprentices are learning during her visits, alongside the team at Amazon World who are consistently training them in all aspects of their role.

Our apprentices have regular teaching sessions on each module that they cover during the fifteen-month duration of their animal care and welfare apprenticeship. These sessions provide them with the necessary knowledge to develop their skills in the workplace. For example, when covering animal behaviour, our apprentices will improve their skills in the workplace by working with a range of species to enhance their knowledge and ability to identify signs of normal and abnormal behaviour, which is an important part of any apprentice’s job role within the industry.

Amazon World closely support this training and provide their apprentices with a high level of practical experience working with a range of species, from macaws and armadillos to sloths and iguanas. This helps develop the apprentice’s expertise by enabling them to learn about a wide range of species.

The apprentices at Amazon World all work incredibly hard; four learners have all obtained a well-earned distinction during their end point examination for their animal care and welfare apprenticeships. They have also all worked through the pandemic, continuing to provide the animals with their high level of care even when the park was closed to visitors. Moving forward, some are now considering advancing on to the keeper and aquarist apprenticeship we can offer, to further develop their specific sector knowledge and skills in this area.

We are delighted to help train the next generation of keepers at Amazon World, so that they can continue their goal of protecting and conserving threatened species.



“We’ve worked alongside Haddon Training as our training provider for many years. Their support for our apprentices is fantastic, guiding and supporting them throughout the whole apprenticeship journey. Also support and advice is always available for us as their employer, regarding all aspects of the apprenticeship process.”


Rachel Patrick, Head Keeper at Amazon World



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