Employing an Apprentice

Haddon Training has over 20 years’ experience with apprenticeships in the equine industry. We’re award-winning and recognised by OFSTED as Grade 1: “Outstanding”.

Along with Further Education accolades, Haddon Training is the preferred training provider for British Showjumping, British Dressage, British Eventing, The Showing Council and the British Racehorse Authority. Through this accreditation, we deliver apprenticeships in some of the top competition yards in the country.

Our Trainer-Coaches have a wealth of experience from working in the industry.  They will visit the Apprentice on-site once every 4-6 weeks to coach, support and mentor the young person through the programme.

Our Trainer-Coaches will also want to meet the employer or trainer to discuss the apprentice’s progress and help develop them in areas where their skills may be lacking.

  • Responsibility of the employer

    We see an apprenticeship as an equal partnership between the Training Provider, the Learner and the Employer.

    We believe you should be actively engaged from the beginning to motivate and encourage your apprentice through the programme.

    Our Trainer-Coach will need access to the apprentice for up to 3 hours once every 4-6 weeks to complete their visit. Either the employer or a senior staff member will be responsible for training the apprentice in the required knowledge.
    You will of course need to provide a safe working environment for the apprentice and adhere to employment law.

  • Helping you recruit an apprentice

    Haddon Training offers a FREE recruitment service and there’s no finder’s fee for placing an apprentice. We advertise on different platforms and can reach up to 300,000 eager young people looking for apprenticeships.  We carefully match applicants to employers and pre-screen them for eligibility.

    A member of our team will work with you to ascertain what kind of apprentice you are looking for:

    • What level of experience is required.
    • Level 2 or 3 candidate.
    • What the job role of the apprentice will be including day to day duties.
    • Whether you will be happy to offer a traineeship.

    We will then advertise that position for them freely on Get My first Job, Haddon Training Website and the Career Wales website (please note this could take up to 3 working days to be uploaded).

    Applicants can apply through each of these websites. Our team will call each one within 2-3 days, check their eligibility, experience and age etc. If we feel they have the appropriate experience for the position, we’ll then give the candidate your details to arrange an interview.

    Once you have chosen your apprentice, we will organise an enrolment with one of our qualified assessors, who will come out and sign the learner up to the relevant course. We will need to see your Employer’s Liability Insurance and a valid Contract of Employment between the employer and the apprentice at the enrolment.

    Through the apprenticeship we offer a support network for employing, developing and retaining your staff, we are, however, unable to give advice on employment law.

    Call our recruitment team on 01672 519977 or email enquiries@haddontraining.co.uk.

  • Welsh Government Financial Incentive - valid until the 1st May 2020

    IMPORTANT UPDATE MARCH 2020. The Welsh government have issued an update regarding the Employer Incentive Scheme detailed below.

    A decision has been made by the Welsh Government to close the Employer Incentive Scheme for new entrants from 1st May 2020. The incentive will not apply for any learners recruited on or after 1 May 2020. This also applies to any employers where they have already recruited learners under the scheme and are looking to recruit more (i.e. up to the current 3 learner limit). 


    The Welsh Government has released a new Financial Grant for new employers taking on their first-ever apprentice!

    How much?

    • If eligible up to a £3,500 grant

    Am I Eligible?

    For an employer to be eligible they must meet ALL of the below criteria:

    NEW Employers:

    • I can confirm that I am not able to recruit an apprentice without the grant
    • I have fewer than 250 employees
    • I am based in Wales
    • I have not had an employee start an apprenticeship in the last 30 months (the period starts from the start date of the last apprentice I employed
    • I can commit to employing an apprentice(s) for 12 months or the time taken to complete the apprenticeship programme (whichever is the greater)
    • I can commit to employing the learner for at least 30 hours per week
    • I agree to pay the apprentice in line with legal minimum requirements or more
    • I understand the De-minimus State Aid will apply to this incentive and I confirm that I will not breach any State Aid rules by receiving an incentive payment.


    Apprentice Eligibility

    They will be a new employee** (i.e. employer cannot use the payment to ‘convert’ an existing employee onto an apprenticeship programme)

    • They will be aged 16-19 on the day they are recruited
    • They will be recruited as an apprentice