Macey Rudland

At Haddon Training, we tailor our apprenticeships to suit the needs of our employers and learners. We offer different pathways within our apprenticeships to suit various areas of the industry, including general horse care, riding, breeding, and racing.  This enables our apprentices to select modules within their apprenticeship that target specific development in their chosen areas of interest.

Macey Rudland has been a Haddon Training apprentice since she was sixteen, completing her equine groom apprenticeship with us before progressing on to her senior equine groom apprenticeship. On both her apprenticeships, she chose to tailor the programme to her love of riding.  She selected the riding pathway to enable her to focus on these areas and develop her skills.

“My favourite thing about working with horses is that they don’t care about where someone comes from; they care for those who care for them and treat you with the respect that you give to them.

I have been riding since I was three years old and have enjoyed every minute of it. I have been at Squirells Riding School for the last six years; I started out as a helper on a Saturday and having a riding lesson, then progressed to riding three times a week.  Over my time at the riding school and throughout my apprenticeships, I have learnt so much about horses from anatomy and grooming, all the way up to buying a horse for myself!

I decided to take an apprenticeship because I really struggle with my learning but knew that my interest in horses was the right career path for me. Alongside my equine groom apprenticeship, I was also able to complete my English and maths qualification and I was really happy about that.

By choosing the riding pathway for my apprenticeships, I have been able to focus my skills and develop my techniques on the ground and when riding. I have also been able to compete at shows and participate in cross country events, which my horse Bobby adores!  As well as this, I have been able to learn the essential foundations for horse care including their feeding and care routines.

Taking an apprenticeship has really allowed me to develop and become more responsible as a person. I have become more of an adult.  I am able to learn real-life skills like how to remain calm in stressful situations and how to make mature decisions.

I now have goals set for my future; I would love to be a vet or work alongside a vet.  I would also maybe like to have my own yard.  I have learnt so much and love that I am still learning new things every day.”

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