Kayleigh is currently training for her Stage 4 as a Higher Apprenticeship, but it’s with hard work and determination that has gotten Kayleigh where she is today. And now, being nominated for the Torfaen Training Awards 2018 – Finalist (higher Apprentice of The Year) award, is just the added achievement she deserves.

We spoke with Kayleigh’s employer, as they share her inspirational story and why she was nominated:

From the start, Kayleigh has been committed to her professional development. She’s progressed through the EQL Stage 2 and Stage 3 exams and is currently training for the Stage 4 as a Higher Apprenticeship. During this time, in addition to her Apprenticeship, Kayleigh started having private weekly lessons with a BHS accredited coach.

This wasn’t easy for Kayleigh as she had to juggle work with a young family. Nevertheless, she continued to study, have lessons, and show commitment to her exams – passing them one-by-one and progressing onto the next level.

Kayleigh is an instrumental member of staff; the commitment and determination from Kayleigh have not gone unnoticed by her peers – always an inspiration for others to follow in her footsteps.

Kayleigh’s responsibilities, knowledge, and confidence have increased over the last few years; which has had a positive effect on the business. The business now runs more efficiently, and the increased quality of Kayleigh’s workmanship is to be attributed to this.

Without the apprenticeship scheme, and increasing her experience, Kayleigh would not have had the support and education to allow her to apply and be qualified for, the BHS Welfare Officer Role for South Wales and West. This is something Kayleigh is very proud of and shows the apprenticeship scheme can be used for both the workplace and the wider industry.

Kayleigh has always shown drive and determination during her apprenticeship. During the last few months, Kayleigh has become a partner in Prancers Horse Riding but continues to study and commit to the level 4 apprenticeship. All in all, Kayleigh has had a very successful journey with Haddon Training, and she is a pleasure to work with.

The awards ceremony will take place on Friday 25th May 2018; everyone at Haddon Training wishes Kayleigh the best of luck on the night.