At the recent British Breeders Awards Dinner, which took place on January 11, five outstanding winners celebrated their achievements at the Haddon Training British Grooms Awards.

The awards, which are run by the British Grooms Association and sponsored by Haddon Training, were judged by Chris Hewlett, Jane Holdness Roddam, and Olympic Groom Alan Davies.

Chris Hewlett, Managing Director of Haddon Training presented the winning candidates with their awards, commenting,

“Haddon Training are delighted to sponsor the British Grooms Awards, recognising those outstanding individuals who are the backbone of the equine industry. We are thrilled to see the introduction of the employers award, whose engagement is critical for staff retention and the future of the equestrian industry. The calibre of candidates was particularly exceptional this year and I’d like to personally congratulate all winners and those who are Highly Commended on their dedication to equestrianism.”

The winners are:

Haddon Training British Grooms Award
Winner: Amy McCormack (World Horse Welfare Glenda Spooner Farm)
Highly Commended: Charlotte Renshaw (Matthew Wright Eventing)

Amy said, “Winning this award has just confirmed how worthwhile my job at World Horse Welfare is. Being lucky enough to work with such stoic animals every day, seeing them grow in trust and confidence and learning to just be horses again, is a privilege and a pleasure I never take for granted.”

Haddon Training TEAM GB Groom Award
Winner: Chloe Fry (Kitty King).
Highly Commended: Amy Phillips (Piggy French)

Chloe said, “To win this award means so much to me and is a massive achievement. It is such a privilege to be part of Team GB doing something I love and to groom at the Europeans was a dream come true.
I know all of us grooms just love being around the horses and doing our very best for them and the riders. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has helped turn my dreams into realities and I look forward to the season ahead.”

Haddon Training Manager Award
Winner: Emma Hill (Queen Mary’s School Equestrian Centre)
Highly Commended: Michelle Pack (Quob Stables)

Emma said, “It’s so nice to be recognised in this position – for the long and unsociable hours and responsibility that comes with my position. I’ve worked in the industry for over 20 years now and love my job – this award is icing on the cake.”

Haddon Training Employers Award (*New for 2020)
Winner: Carol Andrews (Wimbledon Village Stables)
Highly Commended: Renne Watkins (Tumpy Green Competition and Equestrian Centre)

Carol said, “I’m thrilled and honoured to be the first ever recipient of this exciting new award and I would like to thank the WVS team for nominating me.
Wimbledon Village Stables is a fabulous place to work and this is entirely due to my amazing team who support me, care for the horses and look after the clients, creating a wonderful warm environment for all to enjoy.
This award recognises the dedication and team spirit of everyone involved and I am very grateful to them all. I would also like to thank Haddon Training for sponsoring this award.”

Haddon Training Apprentice Award
Winner: Isobel Leader (Suddene Park Farm)
Highly Commended: Tanish McCormack (Willa Newton Eventing)

Isobel said, “It was a great surprise to win this award and I’m very thankful for Haddon Training for the guidance they have given me throughout my journey.”

Image by Ali Kittermaster.

L to R: Chris Hewlett, Carol Andrews, Chloe Fry, Isobel Leader, Emma Hill, Amy McCormack, Jane Holdness Roddam and Lucy Katan (Executive Director of the British Grooms Association)

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