The Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) See more details about what this programme can help you achieve. - It's not too late to apply!

The AASE programme has helped many young athletes achieve great things, the previous AASE alumni have gone on to win bronze, silver and gold medals at Youth European Championships both in Eventing and Showjumping. They have represented Team GB at Senior Nations Cup Level.

We have seen learners who have also explored careers outside of riding, they have gone on to start their own successful business both in livery and sales, have become top equestrian agents and work on TV both modelling and interviewing.

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  • Camp Contact Details and Dates

    The programme has started and runs for 1 year.

    There will be 4 x 3-day camps throughout the programme.  These will be held at a location in central England in October, January, April and July.

    • The first camp has run (16th – 18th October) and was held at Vale View Equestrian Centre, Leicestershire,
    • The second camp will be run on the 20th and 21st January 2020 at the Addington Equestrian Centre, Buckingham, MK18 2JR.
    • For more full details on booking stabling please contact Addington Equestrian centre directly and they will advise. 01296 712402.
      • All stabling bookings must be made by the 10th January 2020 or you will not able able to attend the camp.
      • There is the option to bring an additional horse but please also please let know directly as well.
    • Accommodation is not provided during these camp

    Learners will work towards a Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence

  • Developing your career

    All aspects of equestrian careers will be covered in this module, both on and off the horse. Goal setting tasks are evaluated throughout the programme and you will be taught how to create detailed plans for international competitions.

    Alternative equestrian careers and time management are also key, therefore, you are taught how to plan and manage your finances, work within a budget ensuring your career is financially viable.

    You will work with industry experts during this programme providing you valuable insight and guidance adding value to the overall curriculum.

  • Technical skills

    This module will teach you the technical skills needed to succeed as an equestrian athlete, this is delivered by expert riding coaches who provide the skill set required to compete at a high level.

    Our expert coaches have worked and ridden at a senior championship level, some have competed at and coached at Olympic level.

  • Tactical skills

    This module focuses on teaching and developing the tactical skills needed to succeed as an equestrian athlete, it is delivered both on and off the horse.  Being aware of how you think and approach a competition can help your performance and produce results.

  • Mental skills

    Mental strength is a key skill for any athlete in all levels of competition, the world-renowned Ben Davies from Chimp Management Company will take you on a journey that develops your mental strength and resilience during the apprenticeship duration.


  • Physical skills

    Fine-tuning of your physical strength will be delivered through strength and conditioning, but also as a targeted programme to enhance you as an athlete.

    Our industry experts are leads in their given area

    Andy Thomas and/or Charlie Unwin, will work with you to help you achieve this.

  • Nutrition

    A balanced diet is essential to any high performing athlete, during this module industry experts will help to explain the need for a healthy diet in the equine industry.

    Our industry expert Julia Scott- Douglas is the sports dietician on the Team GB Equestrian Team.


  • Health and safety

    All aspects of safety in the training and competition environment are covered during this program and paramedics will take you through your paces simulated emergency situations. We also teach you how to Safeguard yourself against risk and be vigilant in their surroundings.


  • Lifestyle

    The lifestyle module teaches you how to achieve a balanced work and home life.  It assesses your strengths and potential areas for concern in your current situation.  You will learn to develop and plan your time, achieving a good and healthy balance.

    Top equestrian personnel, both riders and non-riders, give talks about their life in the industry within this module.


  • Communication skills

    Being able to communicate clearly has increased in importance becoming key to the success of the equestrian athlete. Being able to present yourself both on social media and on television enhances the possibility of success both through sponsorship and ownership.

    Sports presenters including Jenny Rudall, Steve Wilder and Stephen Hadley join our programme to provide on-screen media coaching to the equestrian athletes.