Corporate Responsibility

Social and Community Action

Our mission is to deliver high quality learning and training, developing a skilled workforce and inspiring individuals and companies to achieve their full potential.

We want to make a positive contribution to our communities. This is particularly important to the employees who live in these areas. Our links are particularly strong in Wiltshire, where a large number of our employees are based. This is where the business was born, from Haddon Stud and Manton Grange, and we’re proud to call it home.

But our scope is wider than Wiltshire. We are a National Training Provider, covering the length and breadth of England and Wales. We attend local partnership forums – Thames Valley and Gloucestershire & Wiltshire, to understand local priorities and wherever possible actively contribute to local initiatives or projects.

What we do:

  • We have a designated Coordinator tasked to identify and promote charitable/fundraising activities by the
  • Company’s employees. We remain committed to holding two different charity events per year to raise funds; these are chosen by our staff.
  • Our staff are encouraged to volunteer in their local community. In aid of this, every employee is allowed up to, and encouraged to take, one day’s paid leave per financial year to carry out work for the good of the community. This must be agreed with a line manager in the first instance.
  • We provide our learners with access to wider curriculum and enrichment activities to help educate and develop life-skills through opportunities they would not ordinarily have. We hold a minimum of 2 employer forums per year to engage with our employers, identify skills gaps and develop our curriculum.
  • Our Marketing Coordinator works diligently to promote staff, employer, learner and partner fundraising and community activities by posting accurate, timely, and relevant content on our website and to our social media channels.

Customer service charter

Our SPIRIT values

Supportive – helping learners, employers, partners and colleagues achieve their goals and ambitions

Pursuit of excellence – high level consistent customer service

Inspire – set the very best example and encourage others to work towards achieving this

Recognition – of success and celebration of achievement

Integrity – uncompromising quality and honesty

Team – effective as an individual and as a team
Haddon Training Limited is committed to delivering the best customer service. This Charter lays out the level of service you can expect from us and the targets we have set to ensure that we meet your customer service needs.

We always put the customer first.

Our commitment to you

  • Clear Communication

    We commit to providing you with a clear explanation of the programmes we offer, the expectations of all parties and options available.

    We commit to assisting in identifying your specific learning needs and suggesting an unbiased training or education solution tailored to you. We commit to assigning you a single contact person who takes ownership of your enquiry until it is resolved.

  • A Courteous, Professional and Friendly Manner

    We commit to being professional, friendly and courteous in our dealings with you by: treating you with dignity and respect; behaving with honesty and integrity; identifying ourselves when we talk to you; having trained and professional staff who uphold this service charter. In line with our policies, we treat everyone fairly, whatever their age, sexual orientation, disability, religious belief, ability, gender or race.

  • Timely Communication

    We answer your telephone call courteously, promptly and professionally. We aim to resolve your enquiry for you the first time you call. If we don’t have an immediate answer we will find out for you and let you know who will be contacting you with the information and when.

    We respond to your emails within 2 working days and answer letters within 5 working days. If we have to cancel appointments we will endeavour to give you 72 hours’ notice.

    If you have a complaint we aim to resolve it for you within 10 working days or keep you fully informed if it takes longer. We commit to resolving any mistakes fairly, openly and honestly. We commit to interacting with you on financial matters in a straightforward, correct and timely manner.

  • Confidentiality

    We commit to holding information about you in accordance with legal requirements and protecting your personal information by not disclosing it to anyone else without your consent or unless we are required to do so by law.

    Please see our full privacy policy for further details.

  • Celebrate Success

    We will strive to share good news stories, circulate case studies and regularly celebrate employer, learner and staff achievements. All our stories can be found in our news section.

  • Quality of Product, Service and Delivery

    We commit to using appropriately trained and highly competent personnel in the design, development and delivery of our products and services.



  • Suggestions

    We value your suggestions for improving the quality and care of our service and you may do this by contacting us directly or through our periodic customer surveys at

  • Sustainability

    The Senior Management Team at Haddon Training recognises its moral and legal responsibilities to sound sustainability management, encompassing environmental, social, economic and technological factors. This is in line with our vision for “excellence in learning”.

    We’re committed to minimising the environmental impact of our activities. We recognise our corporate responsibility as a provider of further education, to act in a responsible manner whilst also promoting sustainability issues throughout our training programmes.

    Sustainability principles:

    To comply with all legislation, regulations and codes of practice applicable to our business. To ensure that when making business decisions, any potential sustainability issues are considered. To ensure all staff are made aware of this statement and understand their role and responsibilities regarding sustainability within their work practices.

    To reduce the impact of office and transportation activities in respect of the environment. To raise awareness of this statement with our stakeholders, employers, learners and associates to encourage them to promote sustainable management practices. To continuously review our sustainability approach to enable us to improve our work practices.

  • Case Study- Hillview Farm

    Hillview Farm is located in the countryside just outside Newbury, Berkshire. They provide residential care and supported living within the community for 13 adults between the ages of 18 & 65 with learning difficulties. They have the ability to offer long-term care if it is required. The farm aims to support the resident’s in physical, emotional, financial and healthcare matters.

    Haddon Training work with Hillview Farm to provide structured, accredited and practical learning to a cohort of learners each year.

    Learners are normally referred by the Local Authority/Social Services and Hillview Farm accepts referrals from both in and out of the County.

    Teaching, Learning and Assessment promotes learners’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Hillview are passionate about providing learners with a wide range of enrichment activities. This has included a two-week arts festival with activities like photography, moviemaking and crochet knitting poppies to raise over £300 for the British Legion.