When it comes to your business, we believe in you and what you are building for the future.

When you choose to employ a trainee or apprentice with us you are investing in your company and giving someone the opportunity to learn, train and develop with you, for you. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals by supporting and guiding you and your chosen learner on this rewarding journey.

With over twenty years of experience in training, we know the power of vocational training and how valuable it can be to you.  Our training programmes are all based at your place of work, with no day release, no time lost and an absolute dedication to ensuring that your learner develops the practical skills needed to work for you and thrive in the industry.

“Haddon Training works very well for our yard; with their work-based training, we don’t have to lose any staff for any length of time. It is very professionally run and they are always happy to help our team achieve the qualifications they want”

Philip Hobbs, proprietor of Philip Hobbs Racing

Did you know?

Cash incentives are continuing for employers in England hiring trainees and apprentices for a limited time.

Please note these COVID-19 incentives are for new employees that are hired as trainees or apprentices, this cannot be used for existing employees who are transferring to apprentice schemes.

For full details on the Welsh scheme please click the link.

What are the key differences between hiring a trainee and hiring an apprentice?

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* we only currently offer traineeships in England 

  • Our recruitment process

    Haddon Training offers a FREE recruitment service and there’s no finder’s fee for placing a trainee or apprentice. We advertise on different platforms and can reach up to 300,000 eager young people looking for traineeships and apprenticeships.   We carefully match our applicants to your requirements and pre-screen them to check they are eligible and suit the specifications of the job role.

    A member of our team will work with you to ascertain what kind of learner you are looking for:

    • What level of experience is required.
    • What the job role of the trainee/apprentice will be
    • Whether you would like to offer a traineeship.

    We will then advertise that position for you free of charge on our advertising channels

    Applicants will then apply and our expert team will call each one to assess their suitability. If we feel they have the appropriate experience for the position, we’ll then give the candidate your details to arrange an interview.

    Once you have chosen your learner, we will organise an enrolment with one of our qualified Trainer-Coaches, who will come out and sign the learner up to the relevant programme.

  • Exclusive benefits

    We have a number of exclusive benefits when you work with us, please click here for more details.

  • Training

    Our vocationally experienced Trainer-Coaches have a vast wealth of experience from working in the industry. They are experts in their field and know how to help learners achieve in supporting your business.

    For trainees, there will be regular on-site visits by a Trainer-Coach to ensure continuity and high-quality training and development.  There will also be support for their math and English if this is needed.

    For apprentices, a designated Trainer-Coach will visit the learner on-site every 4-6 weeks to coach, support and mentor them throughout the programme.

    Our Trainer-Coaches will also want to meet you regularly to discuss the learner’s progress, help develop them in areas where their skills may need improving and ensure that everything is on track.

  • Safeguarding and welfare

    Health & Safety

    All employers are required to comply with certain regulatory and quality standards. When you wish to take on a trainee or apprentice with us, we provide a checklist that identifies the mandatory and advisory standards that employers are required to meet.
    It is your responsibility to comply with all legal and regulatory standards when employing staff and to ensure they are all working in a safe and healthy environment.

    Haddon Training take these standards seriously and will take steps to satisfy ourselves that you meet these requirements before agreeing to a trainee or apprentice. For further information, advice and guidance please also refer to the Useful Links section.


    We are committed to providing a secure environment for all learners and staff.  All our staff recognise that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility irrespective of the role they undertake or whether their role has direct contact or responsibility for learners or not. Haddon Training Ltd aims to create a culture of vigilance.

    We abide by all safeguarding legislation and have a Safeguarding Officer available at all times.

    You can contact our Safeguarding Officer on 07795 841932 or email safeguarding@haddontraining.co.uk

    For more on our safeguarding policy and other policies please click here.

    Safeguarding & Welfare: Learners Living On-Site

    Where an employer offers the provision of accommodation for ‘Young People’ working as apprentices, there is a need to be aware of the raft of legislation that covers Employment, Safeguarding and Accommodation.

    Employers need to make sure they know about their legal responsibilities and how to comply with them and to ensure they are doing so. Legal advice should be sought on this issue; (BHS members have free telephone access to a Business Support Helpline).

    For learners under 18, or under 25 with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan, that will be sharing accommodation facilities with adults (people aged 18 years old or over), you also need to be aware of the need for DBS checks (a record of a person’s criminal convictions and cautions carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service) to be carried out on the other occupants within the accommodation before they begin to live on-site.  Learners that are under 18 or under 25 with an EHC plan should always have their own bedroom with a door lock.

    Haddon Training can assist you with the DBS process – please just contact our team to discuss further.  For further information on our policy relating to this please click here.

    Where there are charges for accommodation the Useful Links section contains a government link for advice and guidance on the legislation.

    Please click here for our Tenancy Agreement Information fact sheet.

  • Mental health

    The mental health and wellbeing of our learners is paramount, and we encourage them to always talk to you, their parents or trainer-coach if they are struggling. No-one should ever have to feel alone.

    Below you will find a number of resources that may also be of use.

    The NHS offer an array of tools and self-care videos for young people, with handy tips on exercise, sleep and how to take care of themselves on social media.

    MIND have set up a ‘Get help now’ function, which includes crisis coping tools and an Infoline and Legal line.

    YoungMinds have fantastic advice on mental health support covering feelings of anxiety, stress, eating disorders and the impact of Coronavirus.

    Riders Minds is a freely available, online, bespoke resource, dedicated to supporting the mental health and well-being of all horse riders.

    Grooms Minds is run by the British Grooms Association and is an online resource dedicated to supporting the mental health and well-being of its members.

    Racing Welfare provide a 24 hour support line which can be reached via their website.

    BullyingUK offer training and direction on what to do when you experience bullying, including a confidential helpline and Welsh language helpline.

    Make it count – This guide is for parents and carers to help children understand, protect and sustain their mental health.

    We also offer a 24-hour Safeguarding helpline for all Haddon Training learners.

  • Valued partners

    We’ve formed strong and valued partnerships in the equine and animal care industries that enable us to deliver an exceptional service to our learners and employers. Click here for more information.

  • Useful links

    British Equestrian

    Equestrian Employers Association

    National Minimum Wage

    Government rules

    Health and Safetywww.apprenticeships.org.uk or www.hse.gov.uk

    Safeguarding – accommodation rates

    ACAS – Acas gives employers free, impartial advice on workplace rights, rules and best practice. They will also offer training and help to resolve disputes.

    Amazing apprenticeships have launched a new traineeship section on their website, containing a collection of free resources designed to provide you with more information on the benefits of a traineeship.

    Drinkaware – A great website to help you understand what triggers you to drink and arming you with strategies to help overcome excuses and reduce your drinking.

    Drug Addiction – With the right help and support, it’s possible for you to get drug free and stay that way.


Incentive fact sheets

COVID-19 Government Grant Incentive Scheme

If you have signed up to the Covid-19 government grant incentive scheme and successfully hired your trainee or apprentice, we wanted to point you to all the information needed to claim the incentive offered to you.


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