succeeding on a traineeship

Chloe’s journey on a Traineeship

We know that leaving your comfort zone of school and learning about new cultures, lifestyles – and often maturing into an adult life of work can be scary.

But, you’re not alone. We chatted to Chloe, who is on her way to successfully progressing into her Horse Care career, and found out how she adjusted to working on her Traineeship before her Apprenticeship.

Why did you decided to take on a Traineeship, and how you came about this career path?

When I first came to Wickstead Farm, I didn’t have much knowledge with horses, but I knew it was something I wanted to do. The traineeship was ideal, as it helped me to understand what it’s like to work with horses and how challenging it can be to work in Horse Care. I’ve always wanted to do an apprenticeship, however, the traineeship has really given me a clear insight into what it’s like to work with horses on a yard.

Succeeding in a Traineeship

What’s the key thing you’ve learned from doing a traineeship and what have you achieved?

The traineeship has taught me to be confident in my work and not to bring myself down when I’m faced with a challenge. It’s helped me build up my skills and knowledge and the confidence to work with other people. You have to get on with it and enjoy what you do

Describe your typical day

I get to the farm for 8 am, I hay-feed, muck out and then sweep the yard. Then after I have a riding lesson and go and hack out. I make sure I tidy the barn, staff room, and hay barn too. Then I will feed the horses and skip out.

succeeding in a traineeship

What have you enjoyed about your traineeship?

I’ve really enjoyed the riding, which has made me more confident working with horses. The people I work with are all really friendly too and they are easy to get along with. Even though the traineeship is unpaid, it’s not important to me at the moment, because I’m doing what I enjoy. The traineeship will help you to find out if you enjoy Horse Care, so you don’t waste your time when deciding on a career path – sometimes you might feel lost, but it gives you guidance.

Is there a moment in your traineeship that you are proud of?

When I first started, I didn’t know what ‘canter’ was! During my traineeship, I learned a lot about canter and the techniques around it. I have also learned about employment rules and how to write a CV and how to apply for a job.

Succeeding in a Traineeship

You are now in a position to apply for an apprenticeship. What about someone who isn’t?

Don’t worry if you didn’t get the outcome you wanted, you might not be ready to progress on to an apprenticeship as of yet. I suggest taking the skills and knowledge you have learned from your traineeship to help get a position elsewhere – as the program will show you have the experience in equine and knowledge of the industry.

Chloe is finishing her Traineeship in Horse Care, and ready to progress onto a Level Two Horse Care Apprenticeship. She’s feeling confident in her career choice and loves the fact she can work with her favourite two horses, Rusty and Norman.

Traineeships are a part of a Government initiative to help school leavers and young people with no experience get their foot in the door. You will receive training from professionals and learn the basic foundations of horse care, increasing your confidence and key skills.

To discover more, or to see if you are eligible, head over to our Traineeship careers page.