We speak to Donna Sutton who discusses how she is learning to support others with the learning mentor apprenticeship
Taking Haddon Training’s learning mentor apprenticeship enables you to support the development of your staff’s knowledge, skills, and behaviours, whilst enhancing and growing your abilities as a leader.
The learning mentor apprenticeship focuses on advising, guiding, and supervising staff at your workplace who are less experienced or new to their roles.  It involves communicating and collaborating effectively, learning the procedure and requirements necessary in a supervisory role, and complying with quality, confidentiality, and data protection requirements.
The learning mentor apprenticeship can be taken across all our specialist sectors, which makes it a fantastic way to progress in equine, animal care and business.
Owner of Waggly Tails Grooming, Donna Sutton, began her Level 3 Learning Mentor apprenticeship with us back in October 2020.
Donna says, “Before I started my learning mentor qualification with Haddon Training, I employed two animal care apprentices at Waggly Tails Grooming. The apprentices had fantastic support from their Trainer Coach, Kirsten Clements, and she was extremely helpful not only to the apprentices, but to me as an employer, particularly because I had never employed apprentices before.  As an apprentice myself now, Kirsten is extremely knowledgeable, very organised and gives me so much constructive, positive feedback. She works to an exceptionally high standard which helps me to progress in the best way possible.
I took a step to expand my own skills by starting the level 3 learning mentor apprenticeship because I knew this would benefit the development of my staff’s abilities and I would be even better equipped to provide support and guidance. It’s been a brilliant experience and I feel that I’ve learnt a lot.”
The learning mentor apprenticeship is a great next step in your career if you are looking to develop and grow your mentoring skills, whilst motivating, guiding and inspiring others.
If you have the ambition to help others develop in the workplace, contact us today.