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We were recently reassessed for the matrix standard and are proud to be accredited for a further 3-years. To achieve we have had to meet strict criteria and demonstrate IAG (Information, Advice & Guidance) to the highest standard. During the process, our learners, employers, parents, stakeholders, and staff were interviewed over a 3-day period.

What is the matrix standards?
The matrix Standard is a quality framework that promotes the effective delivery of high-quality IAG by ensuring organisations review, evaluate and develop their services and the continuous development of their staff.

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The matrix accreditation identified some of the following strengths:

  • There’s good communication and open culture at all levels
  • Our leadership and management team are proactive in addressing challenges
  • Staff feel empowered and valued.
  • There is a robust staff development system in place
  • Staff are sensitive to the needs of employers, learners, parents, and carers.
  • Support provided by Trainer Coaches for all learners were identified as a positive

What next?
We will continue to maintain a high quality of providing Information and Guidance to all our learners, employers, partners and staff.

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