Haddon Training have brilliant partnerships with the employers and learners that we work with, and often these relationships can lead to really wonderful and rewarding moments.

Our experienced Trainer-Coach Frankie Roberts has had the pleasure of working with one of our most respected employers, Animal Antiks, now for some time. Animal Antiks offers a variety of animal-assisted learning placements to people with mental or physical health issues, anxiety, various learning difficulties, ASD, those suffering from social isolation or exclusion or young people struggling in conventional educational sessions.

The work they do is truly inspirational and Haddon Training is honoured to be able to play a part in the learning and development for some of these people.

“Too many children and young people are failed by mainstream education, almost half of secondary school-age children who are permanently excluded from school have special educational needs and disabilities. The way in which interaction with animals, and in particular horses, enhances social skills, builds self-esteem and helps to manage anxiety and mood-related challenges are proven.” says Lindsay Howlett, Director of Education at Haddon Training.

“Our partnership with Animal Antiks helps to provide individuals with the opportunity to not only develop in these areas that are crucial to helping them succeed in life, but it also gives them the chance to work towards and achieve important formal qualifications that they may not be able to achieve elsewhere. Together we are helping prepare our young people for life and work. “

Our Trainer-Coach Frankie works directly with people on placement at Animal Antiks to help them achieve what they might not have thought possible: a recognised qualification. She supports a variety of learners on-site to help them complete qualifications specific to their abilities, including Traineeships, Diplomas and Functional Skills (English and math).

As a result of her incredible work, Frankie has now been recognised by the Festival of Learning, which is the biggest celebration of Lifelong Learning in England. She is truly delighted to have been presented with a certificate of achievement in recognition of her teaching and learning.

“I find watching the change in a learner during their programme so rewarding; for me to be able to build a relationship so they feel comfortable to work, and to help bring the best out of them is amazing. For them to ultimately gain qualifications and life skills, in the most supportive environment is hugely worthwhile.” says Frankie Roberts, Haddon Trainer-Coach.

 We are so proud of Frankie and the work of Animal Antiks and would like to thank them for all they do to help people feel safe, flourish and grow.

“The relationship between Haddon Training and Animal Antiks works so well because we all have the same goal in mind, which is having the learner’s best interests at heart”.
Frankie Roberts, Haddon Trainer-Coach

Animal Antiks still have placements available – please check out their website to find out more about their amazing work.