We were thrilled when Sarah Lebbern, owner of Four Seasons Equestrian Transport came to us to obtain certificates of competence for transporting horses on long journeys.

Four Seasons Equestrian Transport is a DEFRA type 2 Authorised Equine Transport company, based on the outskirts of the New Forest. It is owned and run by Sarah, who also runs her own business; Four Seasons Equestrian. Eloise Russell works alongside Sarah at both Four Seasons Equestrian and Four Seasons Equestrian Transport.

We spoke with them to find out more about the new business venture.

What made you decide to create Four Seasons Equestrian Transport?

There were many reasons for branching out into this business. We had been asked several times before if we provide transport, for journeys such as moving horses to new yards, competitions or vet visits for treatments etc.

Another reason to create this was that we even struggled to find transport for clinics, events and transport for clients. This made us think about what can we do to help! Equine transport is a significant part of our industry and is depended on by many. Transporting equines for us is another way of working with these fantastic animals and being able to provide a top-class service, which in turn means we can do our bit to help others in the industry.


Please tell us about your work so far in the equine industry.

Between us, we have over 20 years of combined experience within the equine industry.

Sarah is a BHSAI/Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship and runs her own business called Four Seasons Equestrian which covers every aspect of horse care and tuition. Having worked in a variety of equine sectors such as racing, show jumping, studs, riding schools to name a few. Sarah has handled a wide variety of horses such as stallions, youngstock, competition horses etc. this includes ridden, groundwork and transporting. Sarah also now holds a Certificate of Competence for Drivers and Attendants in Transporting Horses on Long Journeys.

Eloise currently holds her BHS Stage 1 in Complete Horsemanship as well as a Level 2 Diploma in Horse Care and Riding which included a business management section. Eloise has also worked in different parts of the industry such as private competition yards, livery yards and riding schools. Eloise also works alongside Four Seasons Equestrian and has handled a wide variety of horses from stallions to youngstock. Eloise also now holds her Certificate of Competence for Attendants in Transporting Horses on Long Journeys.


What made you choose Haddon Training for your equine transportation tests?

Haddon Training has been established for over 20 years and throughout our equine careers, has been recognised as an award-winning Ofsted Grade 1 ‘Outstanding” training provider. We spent some time searching for a suitable, approved place to take the Level 3 Award in Principles of Transporting Horses on Long Journeys. There were a couple of training providers we looked into, however, after speaking with Chris Hewlett and the Haddon Training team, we realised why they were an award-winning training provider.

They explained everything thoroughly and sent through all the details needed to book and train for the award and were always on hand with any questions or queries.

“Due to the informative, supportive and friendly nature of the Haddon Training team, we confidently booked our tests.”


How did you find the taking of the transport tests?

The transport tests were laid out into sections which were explained clearly by Chris on his arrival which immediately put us at ease as we all know exam situations can be rather stressful, especially if the chosen horse has other ideas about loading on that day!

We found Chris very informative and helpful as he explained what the day ahead was going to involve. The test itself comprised of an online test of multiple-choice questions; we had a question and answer oral session and the practical session which included all the parts of loading and unloading.

If you are taking the driver/attendant part you also have a driving route to complete which is examined on the way the horse is transported in regards to their welfare. It is important if taking these tests that you read and learn the training material that is provided by Haddon Training.


How was our service when it came to assessing the tests?

We found Haddon Trainings service highly professional and accommodating. Chris was thorough throughout his questioning always trying to find that little bit more information on each question asked, to really show how much knowledge and depth of understanding us as candidates had.

The other factor that worked so well for us was that we could be assessed at our yard, which made us feel calmer as it was a more natural environment and one that the demo horse and ourselves were use too.

“We would recommend Haddon Training for this service, their assessment method is set up to bring out the best in people.”


Haddon Training’s organisation in regards to the running of the tests meant that the day ran smoothly with no problems.  The training manual given to us to prepare had exactly what we needed and the team at Haddon Training specifically told us what we would need for the assessment to take place. Chris even brought his phone to help with Wi-Fi connections.

“We are so pleased to have played a part in Four Seasons Equestrian Transport becoming accredited!”

Their drivers and attendants are fully qualified, holding their certificates of competence and are insured for the transportation of livestock. They pride ourselves on providing a professional, honest and reliable equine transport service that operates throughout the UK and Europe.


For enquiries and bookings please contact Sarah and Eloise at:

www.fourseasonsequestrian.com/transport, email them on fourseasonsequestrian@outlook.com or call them 07703572306

Four Seasons would like to thank the unbelievable support from Chris Russell Photography for our wonderful photos, Chloe Russell from CJDesigns for our fantastic logo for both businesses, All 4 seasons landscaping for our sponsorship and Brian and Lesley York from Sign It for applying the artwork to the lorry.