Caroline Bailey Racing

Caroline has built a successful business based in Northamptonshire, built on her strong history in the equine industry. She has ridden many winners in point-to-points, as well as riding eighteen winners under National Hunt Rules. She was also the first lady jockey to ride a winner at Cheltenham Racecourse, winning on Ptarmigan III.

Chloe East is a sixteen-year-old apprentice who has been riding for nine years.  With her parents’ support, she began her intermediate level equine groom apprenticeship at Caroline Bailey Racing in August 2020.

We spoke to Caroline, Chloe and Chloe’s mum Debra about the apprenticeship, and what it means to them.

Caroline says,

“I have been working with students and apprentices for about twenty years now. I am pleased to be able to help and improve youngsters’ skills and give them a good grounding for their chosen career. If a young person is set on a career path, it makes sense to continue to educate them with knowledge-based coursework and at the same time develop their skills through learning on the job.

I love to see the way an apprentice can learn and improve their skills, and to gain enough experience to achieve their goals. We can also improve their riding skills by giving as much help and tuition as we can.  I get a lot of pleasure if they go on to have successful careers in their chosen discipline.

It is also good experience for us as an employer, to teach and assist a younger member of staff to achieve their aims and goals and help to give them plenty of hands on experience. It is very satisfying to help the younger generation to succeed, but it is important to frequently check on their progress and make sure they are happy and comfortable in their environment and working with the other members of staff. You need to ensure they become confident working as part of a team and learn to communicate well with others.”


Chloe says,

“I enjoy working with horses because no two days are the same! I choose to do an apprenticeship because I can learn on the job; I did not enjoy school, so college or university would not have suited me. I choose Haddon Training for that reason, I could go straight onto an apprenticeship and learn whilst I am at work, but also benefit from frequent call visits from my Trainer-Coach to focus on studying the different modules.

I am enjoying the course and really like learning and reviewing the modules that we work through. With my coursework, if I am ever unsure on anything I know that I can ask for help and I can go through it. I feel very well supported by both my employer and my Trainer-Coach. On the calls with my Trainer-Coach each month, we review past work to keep up to date and review the modules too.

I am learning a lot of practical skills too, not just with the horses, but also life skills, including having the confidence to ask questions and working as a team, which allows the task to be done to a high standard because you are helping each other out and everyone is contributing.

The best part of the apprenticeship for me has to be riding, because I ride different horses every day, allowing me to learn different skills and get to know each horse individually.”


Chloe’s mum Debra says,

“Chloe didn’t enjoy school, so college was never really an option; her interest is in horse racing and we hope that she follows her passion within the racing industry. She has learnt a lot already and we can see that she has become more confidence and much more self-assured around her colleagues. It’s great that she is learning all the time and knows that if she ever needs helps she just has to ask.”

We would like to thank Caroline, Chloe and Debra for taking the time to give us their view on apprenticeships and we are so pleased that Chloe is enjoying it.

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