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Well-being support

We are passionate about addressing well-being needs. We know life can be hard sometimes and are here to support learners and employers to feel safe and happy, so that they can have an enriched experience with us.

All our staff have undergone Safeguarding and well-being training and we can help identify support services for referral if required. We also provide check-ins with those who require support on a regular basis until they no longer need it.

We also regularly use Able Futures and Access to Work, which can offer professional support, guidance and advice.





Here to help

Here at Haddon Training we are committed to providing a safe and a secure environment for all learners, employers and staff.

All of our staff recognise that safeguarding is a collective responsibility, regardless of their specific role or whether they have direct contact with learners. We aim to create a culture of vigilance.

We abide by all Safeguarding legislation and have a Safeguarding Officer available. If you require emotional support, our Designated Safeguarding Lead, Gemma Hartnoll-Smith, is available to assist you.

We encourage all our learners to discuss any concerns they may have, no matter how small, with a parent, their employer, their Trainer Coach or our Safeguarding Lead.


Designated Safeguarding Lead


Our Designated Safeguarding Lead Gemma Hartnoll-Smith is available to provide specialist support to learners and employers when needed.

The support can be personalised to meet each individual’s needs, providing both practical and emotional assistance. Gemma can also help with referrals to other agencies if extra support is needed.

Gemma also oversees referrals and addresses any reported concerns. She will reach out to learners who require a support plan tailored to their needs. Gemma serves as the primary contact for well-being support and will take the appropriate steps to safeguard learners from harm.

You can contact our Gemma on 07745 647524 or via email:


Learners living on-site

Where an employer offers the provision of accommodation for ‘Young People’ working as apprentices, they have a duty to ensure they comply with all legislation that covers this.

For apprentices under 18, or under 25 with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan, that will be sharing accommodation facilities with adults (people aged 18 years old or over), employers must ensure DBS checks (a record of a person’s criminal convictions and cautions carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service) are carried out on the other occupants within the accommodation before that child begins to live on-site.

Where there are charges for accommodation the government provides advice and guidance on this legislation. Please click here for the government website.

If you have any questions please also get in touch with our team. Safeguarding concerns should also be reported by calling 07745 647524 or via email


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