We speak to apprentice Megan Lawrance about celebrating success during her apprenticeship.
We love celebrating all the hard work our learners put in to achieving their qualifications and their own personal goals!
We’re excited to award one of our amazing animal care learners, Megan Lawrance, a Certificate of Recognition for achieving her level 2 animal care apprenticeship with a distinction.
Megan completed her apprenticeship with the support of her fantastic employer, Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, and Trainer Coach, Kirsten Clements.
Megan says “I’m really proud that I completed my apprenticeship with a distinction as it has allowed me to acknowledge that I am skilled in my chosen career path. I have enjoyed working with my employers and trainer coach, who have been friendly, willing to answer my questions and discuss topics further. It’s been great to dive into my studies deeper by using the work given as a guide, which really helped with the practical side of the apprenticeship.”
Kirsten was proud to support Megan throughout her apprenticeship journey, saying “Megan has worked extremely hard over the duration over her apprenticeship, overcoming a range of challenges. Megan passed her Functional Skills English exams as part of her apprenticeship and she achieved a well-deserved distinction in her end point examination.”
Well done Megan!
We will continue to issue our Certificates of Recognition throughout the year, with regular updates on how our learners are making a difference to their lives or that of those around them.
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