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Alternative provision - what to expect

We offer courses in horse care, animal care, and to help people gain employment.

We can provide maths and English training too.

People who take a course will learn skills to help them in the future.

Courses are split into small pieces to make learning easier and fits each person’s needs.

Courses for everyone

Our learners include people with EHCPs, or that require extra support in lots of different ways.

Our aim is to make these courses available to as many people as possible, so that everyone has a chance to learn.

The cost of the course is often covered by local authorities, who are there to provide services in local areas.

Where to take a course

We currently offer these courses at:


The guides below contain more information on our courses.

There is a lot of information on them, so if you would prefer to speak to someone about our courses on the phone, please call us on 01672 519977.

We would love to hear from people interested in taking a course, their families or from businesses looking to provide a course.

Keysoe Therapy and Well-Being Centre

Full guidance on the courses available at Keysoe, how to apply and what they involve.

Animal Care

A course for people who would like to help look after lots of different animals.

" It is fantastic to be working alongside Haddon Training, helping learners to develop new skills, confidence and equine knowledge. We are really excited to be working together and growing our provision in the future! "

Debbie Powell, General Operations Manager, Cotswold RDA

After the course

People who take a course will learn new skills and get a qualification.

They can chose to do another course, or look for a job doing what they have learnt.

Alternative Provision - Questions and Answers

How long does a course last?

The length of the course depends on the person taking it, their needs and what course they are interested in.

Some courses can also have different things to learn at different levels too.

How do I know if the local authority will pay?

If you are unsure if your local authority will pay, please get in touch and we can help to guide you, alongside the companies we work with to give the training.


I didn't like school so what makes this different?

These courses are made for those who found school hard. The learning is done is small pieces and is made for you to understand. You will have support from experienced people who know how to help you and want you to succeed. Everything about the course is made for you so that you can get experience doing something you enjoy.

Why are the alternative provision courses with animals?

Animals including horses have been proven to increase levels of happiness and well-being. Being around animals and learning to take care of them enables people to develop skills of empathy and understanding.

I am a learner

Start your career and apply for an apprenticeship or up skill in your current role to progress your career.

I am an employer

Businesses need to grow. Learn new skills through our fully funded apprenticeships. 

I am a parent

We have lots of apprenticeship vacancies. Your child will earn a wage while studying a qualification.

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