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What to expect from our Business Administrator qualification

During the Business Administrator qualification, participants will experience an immersive learning experience that combines practical tasks with structured training. Individuals will engage in various administrative duties, including document management, scheduling, and project support, gaining first-hand insight into the day-to-day operations of a business. Alongside their work responsibilities, apprentices will undergo formal instruction covering key business concepts such as communication skills, financial management, and software proficiency, enhancing their overall understanding of business administration principles.

With support from a specialist business trainer coach and their employer, learners complete the entirety of their qualification at their workplace. Participants can also expect guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals within the organisation. Mentors will provide valuable feedback, support, and opportunities for skill development tailored to each apprentice’s needs. Through this combination of hands-on experience, structured learning, and mentorship, apprentices will acquire the practical skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the field of business administration.



What will be learnt during the Business Administrator course

Individuals will delve into various areas of administrative functions within a business setting and acquire proficiency in managing office systems, including handling correspondence, scheduling appointments, and maintaining records. Apprentices will develop essential communication skills, both verbal and written, enabling effective interaction with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. Understanding financial processes, such as budgeting and invoicing, will be emphasised, alongside learning to utilise office software and technology proficiently. Problem-solving and critical thinking abilities will be honed with real-world challenges encountered in administrative roles. Through practical experience and guided learning, apprentices will emerge equipped with the competencies needed to contribute effectively to the smooth operation of business administration.

Diverse skills for professional development

Embarking on a Business Administrator apprenticeship offers participants a unique opportunity to cultivate a diverse skill set tailored to the demands of modern business environments. With a focus on practical, hands-on learning, it provides a pathway for individuals to gain valuable experience whilst earning a wage. Through structured training and mentorship, apprentices develop proficiency in essential administrative tasks. Beyond technical skills, apprenticeships offer a direct route into employment and foster the development of soft skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, which are highly valued across industries. By undertaking a Business Administrator apprenticeship, individuals lay a solid foundation for a successful and rewarding career in administration, equipped with both the practical know-how and the confidence to thrive in dynamic work environments.


Level 3 Business Administrator

Minimum of 13 Months

Develop a wide range of skills within business administration.

Level 3

Minimum of 13 Months


Level 2

" The course is good as it focuses on my current job role and teaches me new skills and information, which I will incorporate into my current role and future roles. "

Ellie-May, Business Adminstrator apprentice

What happens after completing the Business Administrator apprenticeship

On successful completion of the apprenticeship, individuals will be awarded an IfATE accredited qualification in the Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship Standard. Participants will have developed their skills, knowledge and behaviours to a high level that can be demonstrated across their work objectives with demonstrable results.

Designed for success, the qualification also supports progression to a management role should it be desired, or further training including Team Leader and/or Operations Leader.

Business Administrator apprenticeship FAQs

What does a business administration career look like?

A career in business administration is vast. Described as “overseeing and supervising the business operations of an organisation”, business administration covers anything from management and leadership, accounting and finance, to project management, marketing and research. 

An individuals job title doesn’t specifically have to be Business Administrator to complete this course. It is ideal for anyone who contributes to the function of any business.  

How long does it take to complete a Business Administrator apprenticeship?

Our Level 3 Business Administrator apprenticeship will typically take between 13 and 18 months to complete. 

Unlike other qualifications, this is a full-time, work-based qualification so learners can learn on the job whilst being paid and develop tailored skills to suit their specific job role. 

How much does a Business Administrator qualification cost?

Apprentices do not have to pay for their qualification. Learners are paid a wage and are entitled to other staff benefits including a contract of employment and holiday allowance. 

There may be a small cost for employers taking on an apprentice, dependent on the learners age, however the majority of funding comes from the Government, and in some cases there are also employer incentives available.

I am a learner

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I am an employer

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I am a parent

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