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What to expect from our Dog Groomer qualification

We are experts in our industries, and our Animal Care Area Manager, Kirsten Clements, was closely involved in the development of the Level 2 Dog Groomer apprenticeship. This insight ensures our learners are fully prepared for the course, and we know how to help them succeed. Participants will work in a practical environment and get hands-on with the breeds they’re learning about, whilst benefiting from the knowledge and industry experience of our specialist Trainer Coaches, alongside their employer. 

Throughout the qualification, learners will have regular online or face-to-face visits from their assigned Trainer Coach. They will complete their work, including bathing, coat trimming and drying, in a real-life setting that will prepare them for completion.


What will be learnt during the Dog Groomer course

As well as learning how to maintain a dog’s coat, apprentices will also develop their skills and knowledge in canine communication, customer service and animal welfare. They will also learn how to select the correct grooming products to use based on the breed they are working with and basic canine first aid needs.  

With five different types of dog coats, individuals will learn the difference between double-coated dog breeds to wire-haired dog breeds and the specific requirements each coat needs to maintain a happy and healthy dog.  


Dog grooming skills for the industry

This apprenticeship was created by established dog groomers who understand not only the requirements for a successful groom, but also the standards to uphold for safety and animal welfare, including recognising and understanding a dog’s emotions. Suitable for dog groomers who require a recognised qualification, as well as those looking to enter into a new career within dog grooming, this course will teach participants how regular professional grooming benefits the health and well-being of our furry friends.

Level 2 Dog Groomer

12 Months

This unique qualification is built for those wishing to pursue a career in dog grooming.

Level 2

12 Months


Level 1

" I’ve learnt so much, from covering the range of coat types you work with in grooming to the different styles and anatomy. Kirsten has been a great Trainer Coach and has been extremely supportive during my qualification. "

Millie, Dog Groomer apprentice

What happens after our Dog Groomer apprenticeship

After successful completion of the apprenticeship, learners will receive an accredited qualification and be a certified dog groomer. As a sought-after profession, participants could continue working in a professional dog grooming salon, or if seeking a job with more flexibility, become their own boss with a mobile dog grooming business. For further career development, take advantage of our other courses, including Animal Care and Welfare Manager, or Business Administrator to complement career goals and aspirations. 

Dog Groomer apprenticeship FAQs

How to become a dog groomer?

To become a professional dog groomer, individuals will need to successfully complete an accredited Level 2 Dog Groomer apprenticeship or equivalent qualification. The apprenticeship is completed at an individuals place of work. We can also help learners find a dog grooming salon in their area, if they are not yet employed.

How much do dog grooming qualifications cost?

Our Level 2 Dog Groomer apprenticeship is fully funded by the government for all participants. As an apprentice, you will get paid whilst you learn in a hands-on, practical grooming environment and will not contribute towards the qualification cost.

What happens after completing the Dog Groomer qualification?

After completing the qualification, individuals could advance into specialised roles such as mobile dog groomer, salon owner, salon assistant, or professional dog groomer. Their assigned Trainer Coach can assist in guiding them on their next steps. Additionally, for further advancement, there are opportunities to pursue qualifications in animal care and welfare management, customer service, and business administration.



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