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What to expect from the horse transport qualifications

Choose from either the short journey or long journey transport qualification, dependent on the minimum travel time. Both qualifications are suitable for either driver or the attendant passenger. 

The short journey transport qualification is for those travelling up to a maximum of eight hours with horses. This qualification covers the legal requirements for horse welfare during transport, how to effectively plan trips and how to be safe and efficient in all areas of transportation. 

The long journey transport qualification is for those travelling with horses over eight hours. This qualification covers the legislation and procedures for transporting horses, how to care for and ensure the welfare of horses during transportation, how to correctly plan and prepare for a journey and how to maintain equine transport to prevent and avoid transmissions of diseases. 

The Principles of Transporting Horses

We are proud to be a leading supplier and recognised centre for delivery, of the 1st4sport Level 3 Awards in the Principles of Transporting Horses. These accredited qualifications ensure the welfare of horses during transport on either short or long journeys. As part of the certificate of competence, participants will also receive their Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) certificate. 

When working in the equine industry and caring for horses, it’s crucial to always ensure the safety of the driver, attendant and the horse in care when travelling. Please note that this certificate covers the UK and does not cover travelling to or in the EU.

Booking a horse transport qualification

To book a transport qualification simply call or email us.

A suitable location will need to be provided, such as an equine yard or farm, as well as a horse box or trailer, horse, WiFi connection and a quiet area for the online assessment. Upon confirmation of the booking and payment, participants will be sent a handbook with the necessary information and up to date legislation. On the date of the test, individuals will be assessed by a qualified invigilator who will visit the agreed location. 

Transporting Horses on Short Journeys

1 Week

For road journeys over forty miles but taking less than eight hours.

Level 3

1 Week

Transporting Horses on Long Journeys

1 Week

For road journeys longer than eight hours.

Level 3

1 Week

Pricing and Payment Terms

Full terms for horse transport qualifications.

" Haddon Training explained everything thoroughly and were always on hand to answer any questions or queries. Due to the informative, supportive and friendly nature of their team we confidently booked our transport tests. "

Sarah Lebbern, Four Seasons Equestrian Transport

After the transport qualification

Upon successful completion of the transport qualification, participants will receive their applicable qualification and DEFRA certificate. This certificate should be carried when traveling with horses. These qualifications enable individuals to travel by road with their horse or horses within the UK and stay compliant post-Brexit. It’s important to note that this certificate does not cover travel to the EU.

Horse Transport FAQs

What documents are required to transport a horse by road?

The rules for anyone transporting a horse with a horsebox or trailer for business purposes is that they must hold the right driving licence for the weight of your vehicle or trailer, have an operator licence, be qualified to transport horses and have a valid MOT on your vehicle or trailer. Individuals must also ensure to  follow rules on animal welfare, carry out regular safety checks and ensure the weight of the vehicle and trailer is not overloaded. We offer short and long journey transport qualifications to cover UK travel only.  

How much does an horse transport qualification cost?

The basic fees for our horse transport qualifications are listed on our Pricing and Payment Terms attachment above. Discounts will apply for British Groom Association or Equestrian Employer Association members*, and group booking discount will apply for three or more people booking on the same day at the same location. 

* This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. 

The short journey qualification is offered free to all our Senior Equine Groom apprentices and Racing apprentices.


What is the difference between short and long journey horse transport qualifications?

The short journey qualification for transporting horses by road is designed for journeys over forty miles, but taking less than eight hours. The long journey qualification is for journeys longer than eight hours.

How old do I have to be to take a horse transport qualification?

Applicants must be aged seventeen or over to apply for a short or long journey horse transport qualification.

I am a learner

Start your career and apply for an apprenticeship or upskill in your current role to progress your career.

I am an employer

Businesses need to grow. Learn new skills through our fully funded apprenticeships. 

I am a parent

We have lots of apprenticeship vacancies. Your child will earn a wage while studying a qualification.

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