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What to expect as an Operations Leader

In a Team Leader apprenticeship, participants will gain a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge essential for effective leadership in a professional setting. This includes developing strong communication skills to interact with team members, superiors, and stakeholders, while also learning how to manage and motivate a team to achieve organisational goals. They’ll become skilled at problem-solving and decision-making, handling challenges with confidence. Additionally, individuals will learn organisational skills to prioritise tasks, manage time efficiently, and coordinate team efforts. Throughout the apprenticeship, learners will explore various leadership styles and techniques, identifying their strengths and areas for growth as a leader. Project management principles, ethical considerations, and a commitment to continuous improvement will also form parts of the learning journey, building integrity, competence, and adaptability.

What will be learnt during the Operations Leader course

Participants will develop skills in building relationships, managing projects, and decision-making. They’ll learn and apply important concepts like process improvement, quality assurance, and resource allocation. Develop analytical skills to interpret data and make informed decisions, refine leadership abilities to inspire and guide teams, and cultivate problem-solving capabilities to address complex operational challenges. 

Ultimately, this qualification will equip individuals with the comprehensive skill set needed to effectively lead and optimise operations in various industries.

Created to help businesses thrive

The Operations Leader apprenticeship qualification is carefully crafted to meet businesses’ diverse needs for expanding their operations. Individuals learn both theory and practical skills to deeply understand operational complexities essential for business growth They learn to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and optimise resource utilisation, all while fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the organisation.

By developing leadership skills and innovative problem-solving techniques, apprentices are ready to handle the challenges of growing businesses, enhancing efficiency, profitability, and sustainable growth. This qualification benefits individuals and empowers businesses to succeed in dynamic, competitive markets, setting them up for long-term success and growth.

Level 5 Operations Leader

18 Months

This Level 5 qualification is designed for those wishing to expand their knowledge and skills within a management role.

Level 5

18 Months


Level 2

" Completing the Level 5 Operations Leader course with Haddon Training has developed my skills and knowledge in management. "

Charlotte, Operations Leader apprentice

What happens after completing the Operations Leader apprenticeship?

On completion of the Level 5 Operations Leader qualification, learners can register as full member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). If you have three or more years of management experience, you can also apply for Chartered Manager status through the CMI. There are also further progression avenues through the CMI and ILM for those wishing to pursue further training.

Operations Leader FAQs

What are the requirements for a Level 5 Operations Leader course?

To enrol on this qualification, your current role must enable you the position and authority to develop the required knowledge, skills and behaviours. It is suitable for those new to a managerial role, and also for those wishing to enhance their current skills in an existing managerial role. 

What does a Level 5 Operations Leader do?

An Operations Leader is responsible for creating and delivering business plans as well as managing teams and projects. The role is varied across different sectors, but the key responsibilities remain the same. You will be passionate about the success of the businesses and the people within it. You will also take on a mentoring role for those who wish to develop personally and professionally within the workplace.  

What is the eligibility for the course and how to apply?

If based in England and aged sixteen or over, individuals are eligible to study the qualification, provided they have a suitable role for the required knowledge and skills. Applying is simple; individuals can contact the service team using the form below.


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