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What to expect studying Equestrian Sporting Excellence

AESE is crafted around the equestrian Olympic disciplines, ensuring that equestrian athletes are primed for success in their chosen careers. We take pride in our partnerships with the esteemed organisations British Eventing and British Showjumping, as well as our collaboration with influential figures in the British Dressage community. These alliances ensure that AESE precisely meets the demands of competitive athletes, providing them with the resources, guidance, and support necessary to thrive in the world of equestrian sports.

The course offers ongoing learning and development whilst athletes are employed at a suitable professional establishment. Six specialist camps are integrated into the qualification, each spanning two days and providing an array of knowledge, skills, and behaviours.

Our team of Specialist Trainer Coaches support the learning journey throughout the duration of the apprenticeship, and whilst at camp, athletes will be coached by world-class trainers including Corinne Bracken, Andrew Saywell, and Charlie Hutton.

What will be learnt during the Equestrian Sporting Excellence course

AESE focuses on the development of a comprehensive skill set, including career planning, physical health, performance psychology, communication, and media management. Additionally, participants will acquire valuable life skills such as time management, goal setting, and effective teamwork. The curriculum also covers essential knowledge areas such as injury prevention, risk management, safe practices, and optimising nutritional performance.

During the camp sessions, participants receive personalised guidance from experienced coaches to enhance their skills. Additionally, they’ll benefit from the expertise of our multidisciplinary team, who will assist them in refining both their technical abilities and strategic performance across the disciplines.

Designed for the equestrian athlete

The Apprenticeship in Equestrian Sporting Excellence is a level 3 advanced qualification for those based in England, and is equivalent to A-Level standard. We want to ensure we are as inclusive as possible with enabling athletes to participate in AESE. If athletes are competing at a level below, or feel that they are close to the criteria, please continue to apply and we will assess on a case-by-case basis.

AESE is recognised as part of British Equestrian‘s Performance Pathway, positioned after the youth pathway to help individuals choosing to pursue an option of training within an equestrian workplace whilst honing their skills for youth squads or podium potential pathway, as part of the World Class Programme.

Level 3 Apprenticeship in Equestrian Sporting Excellence (AESE)

18 Months

Full guidance including the criteria requirements for AESE.

Level 3

18 Months


Level 2

" The best part of my apprenticeship was how much confidence I gained and the progression in my riding, which is incredible! I learnt so much in such a short space of time and I love my new independent lifestyle! "

Emilia, Apprentice in Equestrian Sporting Excellence

What happens after the Equestrian Sporting Excellence apprenticeship

After completing the Apprenticeship in Equestrian Sporting Excellence, individuals will be equipped with a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to pursue a variety of paths within the equestrian world. Whether aspiring to compete professionally, train horses, coach others, or work in equine management or industry-related roles, the apprenticeship will serve as a solid foundation.

Learners may choose to continue their education through further specialised training or certifications, or may decide to transition directly into a career, leveraging the skills and connections gained during AESE to pursue their goals with confidence.

Apprenticeship in Equestrian Sporting Excellence (AESE) FAQs

What disciplines are covered in AESE?

We accept athletes focusing on the equestrian Olympic Disciplines of Showjumping, Eventing, Dressage or Para Dressage. The Apprenticeship in Equestrian Sporting Excellence (AESE) is run in close partnership with British Showjumping and British Eventing.

What is the criteria to apply for the Apprenticeship in Equestrian Sporting Excellence (AESE)?

Full application criteria is outlined in our Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AESE) brochure on this page, or by contacting our team.

Do you need to own a horse to apply for AESE?

Learners don’t need to own a horse to apply for the Apprenticeship in Equestrian Sporting Excellence, but they will need to have one on loan, lease or have in training for the duration of the course. Horses are also required at all specialist camps.

How do I find an employer to take part in the Apprenticeship in Equestrian Sporting Excellence?

If you aren’t already employed, we can help find you suitable employment to undertake the Apprenticeship in Equestrian Sporting Excellence (AESE). We have a wealth of professional employers across the disciplines who support AESE athletes across England.

I am a learner

Start your career and apply for an apprenticeship or up skill in your current role to progress your career.

I am an employer

Businesses need to grow. Learn new skills through our fully funded apprenticeships. 

I am a parent

We have lots of apprenticeship vacancies. Your child will earn a wage while studying a qualification.

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