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What to expect from our Team Leader qualification

When embarking on a Team Leader apprenticeship in equine or animal care, individuals can anticipate a hands-on learning experience immersed in the world of animal welfare and management. Individuals will be prepared to work closely with experienced professionals, engaging in tasks ranging from daily care routines to overseeing larger-scale operations, dependent on their organisation. Throughout the qualification, they can expect to develop a deep appreciation for the welfare and well-being of animals, as well as the rewarding challenges of leading and inspiring a team dedicated to their care.

What will be learnt during the Team Leader course

Participants can expect to gain practical skills in areas including building professional relationships, finance, project management and decision making, all tailored to the needs of the business they work for. Additionally, apprentices will learn essential leadership skills such as team coordination, communication, and problem-solving, within the specific setting of animal care. Individuals will learn to manage themselves and others, achieve goals, and build professional relationships while demonstrating leadership qualities like accountability, inclusivity, adaptability, and professionalism.

Enhancing team effectiveness

The Team Leader qualification offers a comprehensive education in professional leadership, empowering individuals to confidently guide teams, support organisational objectives, and contribute to their workplace. Participants learn to handle challenges, lead with clarity, and improve team performance. Effective team leaders provide support and guidance, taking responsibility for their team’s success and personal development. They excel at communicating with everyone in the organisation, enhancing collaboration and understanding.


Level 3 Team Leader

13 Months

Develop leadership skills and knowledge within an equine or animal care setting.

Level 3

13 Months


Level 2

" The ability to lead a team is an underrated skill, but is crucial to so many businesses. By enabling people within equine and animal care access to this training, we're ensuring that people are equipped to supervise others to achieve business objectives. "

Kirsten Clements, Business and Animal Care Area Manager

What happens after completing the Team Leader apprenticeship?

After completing a Team Leader apprenticeship within the equine or animal care industry, individuals are prepared for various fulfilling career paths. With a solid grasp of team leadership and project management, apprentices can pursue roles with more responsibility in their field.
Many may transition into permanent team leader positions within the same organisation, utilising their expertise to lead teams effectively and ensure the well-being of animals under their care. Others may choose to explore opportunities in related sectors, where their combination of animal care knowledge and leadership abilities is highly valued. Additionally, some individuals may decide to further their education, aiming to specialise in areas such as equine nutrition, veterinary nursing, or animal behaviour. Regardless of the path they choose, completing a team leader apprenticeship opens doors to a rewarding career dedicated to the welfare and betterment of animals.

Team Leader apprenticeship FAQs

What skills are needed to become a team leader?

For anyone aspiring to be a team leader, it’s vital to positively influence the team toward the company’s goals. The Level 3 Team Leader qualification helps with this. The ideal candidate is trustworthy and approachable, guiding the team through growth. Good communication and recognising strengths are crucial for delegating tasks effectively.

Can a team leader become a manager?

A team leader shares many qualities with managerial positions, including strong communication, problem solving, organisational and delegation skills. You will manage people or projects and set goals in line with the company objectivesTeam leaders can typically grow into managers and eventually senior leadership once they have the skills and experience needed. 

How much do team leaders make?

If someone is taking their first step on the career ladder and joining a company as an apprentice, they are entitled to be paid at least the National Minimum Apprenticeship Wage. For apprentices over 19 years of age, this wage will rise to at least the National Minimum Wage after the first year of study.

You can find information about National Minimum Wage rates here.

I am a learner

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I am a parent

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