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What to expect from our Team Leader qualification

The Team Leader qualification offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare individuals for the challenges and responsibilities of leadership. The skills and knowledge gained through this will lay the foundation for success in leadership roles across various industries. The course is entirely work-based allowing individuals to learn on the job, honing their abilities in their working environment whilst supervising a team. The skills learnt are highly transferable and can be adapted to cover a range of topics including project management, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution. By developing these aspects in their day-to-day role, learners will be able to regularly apply their new-found knowledge to relevant professional scenarios as they arise, embedding the techniques and principles they have learnt and delivering positive outcomes.

What will be learnt during the Team Leader course

In a Team Leader apprenticeship, participants will gain a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge essential for effective leadership in a professional setting. This includes developing strong communication skills to interact with team members, superiors, and stakeholders, while also learning how to manage and motivate a team to achieve organisational goals. They’ll become skilled at problem-solving and decision-making, handling challenges with confidence. Additionally, individuals will learn organisational skills to prioritise tasks, manage time efficiently, and coordinate team efforts. Throughout the apprenticeship, learners will explore various leadership styles and techniques, identifying their strengths and areas for growth as a leader. Project management principles, ethical considerations, and a commitment to continuous improvement will also form parts of the learning journey, building integrity, competence, and adaptability.

Leadership for professionals

A Team Leader qualification provides a well-rounded education in professional leadership, preparing individuals to confidently lead teams, drive organisational success, and input positively to their workplace. Participants will become empowered to navigate complexities with confidence, lead with purpose and vision, and make meaningful contributions that elevate team performance. An effective team leader ensures their team has the resources and information to complete their jobs to a high standard and will take responsibility for the team and themselves, whilst connecting with people at all levels and improving their communication skills. 

Level 3 Team Leader

13 Months

Learn how to lead and develop a team within the workplace.

Level 3

13 Months


Level 2

" I am enjoying my apprenticeship and implementing my learning in the workplace. It has been extremely valuable in terms of self-development and I am able to reflect as and where necessary in order to keep up with current legislation and values. "

Hannah, Team Leader apprentice

What happens after completing the Team Leader apprenticeship?

After finishing the Team Leader apprenticeship, participants use the skills they have learned to lead teams effectively. Some might decide to study further and progress to management, such as through our Level 5 Operations Leader qualification, while others might start their own businesses or help other companies as consultants. Whatever someone chooses, completing the apprenticeship opens up lots of opportunities for them to grow in their careers and make a positive impact in their workplaces.

Team Leader apprenticeship FAQs

What skills are needed to become a team leader?

For anyone aspiring to be a team leader, it’s vital to positively influence the team toward the company’s goals. The Level 3 Team Leader qualification helps with this. The ideal candidate is trustworthy and approachable, guiding the team through growth. Good communication and recognising strengths are crucial for delegating tasks effectively.

Can a team leader become a manager?

A team leader shares many qualities with managerial positions, including strong communication, problem solving, organisational and delegation skills. You will manage people or projects and set goals in line with the company objectives. Team leaders can typically grow into managers and eventually senior leadership once they have the skills and experience needed. 

How much do team leaders make?

If someone is taking their first step on the career ladder and joining a company as an apprentice, they are entitled to be paid at least the National Minimum Apprenticeship Wage. For apprentices over 19 years of age, this wage will rise to at least the National Minimum Wage after the first year of study.

You can find information about National Minimum Wage rates here.


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