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End Point Assessment: Emilia’s Experience

Haddon Training apprenticeship ambassador, Emilia, shares her insights and experiences about her End Point Assessment (EPA) journey. Emilia, who completed her Level 3 Senior Equine Groom Apprenticeship in July 2023, offers valuable advice and encouragement for learners preparing for their own EPA. Here, she discusses how she navigated the assessment process and provides practical tips to help future candidates approach their EPA with confidence and success.

When did you take your End Point Assessment? How did you find the experience?

I took my EPA in July 2023 for my Level 3 Senior Equine Groom Apprenticeship. I found the experience a little scary at first but once I met my examiner and started the assessment, I found it all ran smoothly and the preparation I had done was very useful. My EPA consisted of a Knowledge Test, an observation day and a Professional Discussion.

Do you have any tips for learners who have an upcoming EPA?

My tips for learners who have an EPA coming up are:

  1. Stay Calm: Don’t panic or stress about it! The examiners are not out to get you; they are there to help you achieve the best mark possible.
  2. Effective Study Techniques: I found that creating mind maps and condensing the information made it easier to remember. As a visual learner, I used lots of colours and pictures to aid my understanding.
  3. Use Flashcards: Focus on areas where you’re less confident. Flashcards can help reinforce important facts and concepts.
  4. Seek Help When Needed: If you ever find yourself stuck, reach out to your Trainer Coach coach. They are there to support you until the very end of your qualification.

My overall advice for learners who are taking their EPA is to not worry! I know this sounds difficult but as long as you know your facts and know the modules, you will breeze through!

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