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The Benefits of Racing Apprenticeships
A Journey into Racing

We caught up with Level 3 Racing Apprentice, Sam Swanepoel, to discuss her journey within the racing industry, and her experience as an apprentice. Originally from South Africa, Sam began her journey into horse racing in 2018.

Sam says, “Before moving to the U.K, my first two job roles within the racing sector were based in South Africa. The first was as a stable employee, I then progressed on to fill an Assistant Trainer role in 2021. I am now currently based in the U.K and ride out for British racehorse trainer, Ralph Beckett.”

Ralph Beckett is an award-winning British Racehorse Trainer based in Hampshire and specialises in training horses for flat racing.

The Benefits of Learning

Sam continues, “I think the Level 3 Racing Apprenticeship is great for building your confidence within the sector, and it helps polish up those fine edges within your knowledge, which makes me feel better equipped for the job. The course is very informative and designed in such a way that makes it easy to grasp, it’s also a real benefit that it contributes to the furthering of my qualifications.

My apprenticeship provided me with a lot of knowledge about the inner workings of British horse racing, and it was interesting to learn how the industry in England differs to that in South Africa. When becoming a flat racehorse trainer, it’s very important to understand the rules of racing in different countries, and through working with Ralph I have become more knowledgeable in this area.”

Feeling Supported 

“My employer, Ralph Beckett has been very encouraging throughout my apprenticeship and he ensures that his staff learn as much as possible whilst doing their job. He is very supportive to those who wish to expand their horizons within the industry, and actively helps us pursue our goals.

My Trainer Coach Laura Horsley has also been extremely considerate and caring throughout my apprenticeship journey and is always available when needed. She also places a strong emphasis on monitoring my mental health, ensuring I’m in the best position to complete my course.”

Looking to the Future

“I hope to take on more authoritative roles in the racing world and put the skills I’ve acquired during my apprenticeship into practice. In the near future I would like to resume my past role as an Assistant Trainer here in the U.K and take the necessary steps to obtain my trainer’s license.”

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