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Apprenticeship Ambassador: Blog 7

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, I’m so excited to share with you that I finished 7th in the advanced medium gold winter regionals!!! What a fabulous experience! I’m so proud of myself and Beanie’s partnership, we really did perform our hearts out. He was amazing! I also managed to get some fantastic photos from the prize giving ceremony. 

I’ve had a busy month preparing for the Regional Championships and plenty of winter training ready for lots of competitions throughout 2023. I groomed for Judy Harvey, my employer, at the PSG Gold winter Regionals. It was a great experience to watch the combinations and some great tests. I love grooming at the bigger shows and making the horses look really smart. 

In February, I competed at Addington Equestrian, which has recently reopened and is a fantastic venue. I rode two fabulous tests (just under 70% and 67.3% in the Advanced Mediums) and have now qualified for summer regionals. I’m hoping to qualify for Sheepgate U25’s in August, which is always a fabulous show. I’m REALLY Looking forward to riding my first Prix St George in the coming months, which is so exciting!  

The days are getting lighter, which is great, although I wish it would warm up. The fields are much drier now so it makes life a lot easier with more turnout available for the horses. It’s so lovely to see them all out in the field again.  

It has been so nice to keep up with training with Judy over the ‘Pivo’ device whilst she’s been abroad on holiday. Pivo has enabled me to keep up with winter training and constantly aim towards my goals. We’ve been lucky enough to have had a couple of lessons with Charlotte Dujardin‘s right-hand man, Ian Cast, too! 

I’ve completed module 8 on my level 3 senior equine groom apprenticeship and can now start to review previous modules to prepare me for my EPA. Jess Coltman, my Trainer Coach, has been amazing; always helping me structure my work.   

March is going to be exciting as my youngster, Dennis, will be coming back from being turned away. I can’t wait to get started on him again!  

I will update you on our progress in my next blog. 


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