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Apprenticeships: An alternative option
National Apprenticeship Week celebrates the positive impact apprenticeships make to both learners and their employers. Frankie Roberts, Trainer Coach and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador, caught up with Sarah Kettlety, owner of Animal Antiks, and former apprentice, Thomas Rae, to discuss how apprenticeships have benefitted them.

Animal Antiks provide support a diverse group of people with various needs and provide a safe and calm environment in which each individual can learn and grow.

An alternative option

Sarah says, “A structured classroom environment is not always suitable for young people. For some, the challenge of conforming is simply too much for them to cope with. We recognise these difficulties and provide an alternative option to offer support while still learning. Whatever the circumstance, Animal Antiks offer a safe haven.”

Feeling supported and confident

Tom says, “Completing my Haddon Training apprenticeship has helped me go from having high anxieties and barriers to my learning, to gaining a distinction, feeling supported, confident and being employed full time as head lad. This has been invaluable for me and my personal progress.”

Opportunity for future employment

Frankie adds, “The partnership between Haddon Training and Animal Antiks is incredibly important. We support a large number of young people with additional needs make the transition into a workplace environment more seamless, while successfully gaining a whole new skill set and the opportunity for future employment.”

For more information about our level 2 animal care qualification, contact us here.

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