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Celebrating Learner Success: Oliver at Animal Antiks

It’s been a busy time at Animal Antiks, as they recently welcomed The City and Guilds External Quality Assessor, Haddon Training Internal Quality Assessor Kirsten Clements, and Quality Manager Tanya Lyford for an observed assessment.

Animal Antiks offer a variety of animal-assisted learning placements to people with mental or physical health issues, anxiety, various learning difficulties, ASD, those suffering from social isolation or exclusion or young people struggling in conventional educational sessions. Frankie Roberts, our Alternative Provision Lead and ED&I Ambassador, supports a diverse group of learners onsite, aiding them in completing qualifications tailored to their abilities.

Haddon Training apprentice, Oliver, is based at Animal Antiks and recently underwent assessment by Frankie Roberts for one of his Level 2 Animal Care Units. Oliver is being recognised this month for his exceptional professionalism, improved communication skills, and high standards during an observed assessment by an unfamiliar IQA & EQA. Well done Oliver!

Frankie Roberts says,

“Oliver did a fantastic job being able to cope with the unfamiliar situation and anxieties that already come with being observed, he was able to communicate clearly and work to a high standard throughout, I am really proud of Oliver’s progress”.

Internal Quality Assessor, Kirsten Clements says,

“Oliver showed great confidence during his assessment, and was able to work safely with cleaning accommodation and worked well as a team. He also gave a brilliant tour of Animal Antiks, explaining a little bit about the animals and the work the establishment do.”

We extend our gratitude to Sarah and the Animal Antiks team for their ongoing support and for allowing us to highlight their outstanding work.

If you’d like to know more about our work with Animal Antiks, or how we can support you, please get in touch.

For more information about our Level 2 Animal Care and Welfare qualification, click here.

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