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Hannah meets. . . The Clipper Queen

As part of National Apprenticeship Week, racing expert and Trainer Coach, Hannah Gregory, was fortunate to catch up with award-winning Jillian Scott, better known as “The Clipper Queen”, to highlight different career paths following an equine qualification.

Hannah: How did you get into clipping?

Jillian: When I was younger clipping wasn’t something anyone really did for a living, so my mum bought me some old clippers from the local market, and I fell in love.

H: How did you learn your trade?

J: I didn’t have anyone to teach me clipping skills, so it has taken a lot of trial and error. When I got my first job at a riding school and livery yard when I was 17, I was in a better position to start practising clipping more.

H: What inspires you to create such designs?

J: I’ve always been arty and I created basic designs on ponies from quite early on, but I started getting more adventurous when I discovered professional horse clipper, Greta Alexandra. She’s a talented lady who really helped kick off the creative clipping trend.

H: What are your greatest achievements to date?

J: My greatest achievements include having my work featured on UK and European television, as well as mentioned on USA radio. I also won the Equestrian Business Awards Groom Of The Year 2022

H: What advice would you give to future grooms wanting to pursue a career or have a business in clipping?

J: Start slow, don’t try and rush into this career because you clipped your own pony and did a good job. You need experience with all different types of horses. My handling skills are my biggest asset. Get some hard graft yard work under your belt. Setting up a clipping business can be expensive. In your first year, you will need to reinvest money into your business towards better equipment and gaining experience if you want to do this full time.

Follow Jillian on socials:

Facebook – Jillian Scott The Clipper Queen

Instagram – @clipper.queen

TikTok – @clipper.queen

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